May 5, 2011

Resurfacing 19th tee

Well it's about time we got some reasonable weather, April was pretty much a write off from the golf point of view as well as from a maintenance point of view. Too cold and wet to golf and far too wet to get much done on the course. Now that we are getting some nicer weather we are trying to get caught up with our mowing and getting at some much overdue repairs to the course. Yesterday we started the process of resurfacing the 19th tee, the old turf has been torn out while the tee has been made a touch larger. New aggregate has been brought to the right grade and tomorrow the hitting surface will be installed. It should be ready for play by Monday. The bunker on #11 is drying up nicely with hopes of getting back at hauling fill early next week. We still have a fair bit of work to do before that job will be completed. After we have enough fill it will have to be graded, then what was the end of the waste bunker closest to the green will be shaped into a new white sand bunker. A drainage line will be trenched from just in front of the ladies tee through the fill and new bunker finishing through the approach and into the trees. Lay the sod, fill the bunker with sand and we are done.

April 13, 2011

First cut of 2011

Without a doubt my favorite day of the golf season is the day we put the first cut on the greens. The temperature is usually perfect for walking and like yesterday it is often sunny. Put a side the great working conditions experiencing the visual change of the green as you cut off the dry wind burnt tips exposing the almost neon green turf below is something we only get to see once a season. I mowed this green myself while wearing a GPS watch. To give you an idea of the physical aspect of our job I walked 2.2 kilometers mowing the 5th green. Most mornings we will send out three people to walk mow 19 greens (chipping green gets cut with a different unit). That's over 10 kilometers of walking before they have their first break.

The greens look great, won't be long now!


April 1, 2011

How did we winter?

A year ago today was our opening day for 2010, obviously 2011 we aren't going to be that fortunate. The picture was taken on Wednesday, the snow is melting but nothing too fast. We will see how much is left come Monday. I walked the course prior to the last snowfall on March 23rd and the course looked great. The greens were clear of any snow mold and there was very little on the tees and fairways. Going into the winter I was very comfortable with our fungicide application and quite pleased how the turf had wintered due to the lengthy snow cover. But then bring on another week of snow and I think we surpassed the threshold, the greens still look great but some other areas of bentgrass have a bit more snow mold. That said the marks aren't that severe at all and with some light verti cutting along with some warm weather they will recover quickly. Most of the course was treated with Terraclor like every other year but this year we experimented with another chemical on some tees and fairways at different rates to prepare for this fall when Terraclor will not be available to us. But I feel that has no bearing at all on the snow mold we have this year. The snow mold is in the usual areas just a little worse that other years. And I attribute that to the extended days under snow cover.

Bring on the sun and some warm weather.

November 25, 2009

Winterization complete!

We have been experiencing one of the warmest, driest November's on record. Which is refreshing as the past couple of years have had us scrambling around to get the golf course put to bed properly. This years winterization process went very well. The lack of precipitation (rain or snow) has allowed us to finish the fertilizer and protectant applications in order give the turf a strong start next spring. Greens, tees and fairways have been fertilized and sprayed for snow mould protection. Rough areas are fertilized, divots are filled and course accessories have been brought in. Prior to this, the irrigation lines were blown out (it takes 2 full days) and leaves and debris were cleaned up to minimize disease potentials.

Winter can throw some interesting challenges at us, but aside from that I feel we have prepared the course very well.

November 15, 2009

Let it drain...

There have been a few nagging drainage issues on the golf course through the later part of this season. Rebel Creek is a unique property in that there are small springs that make there way to the surface in the strangest places. The key to maintaining a good playing surface is drainage, drainage, drainage. We have addresed three areas this fall in order to catch the water before it gets to the surface and redirect it into the existing drainage system.

August 18, 2009

Bunkers... hazards???

It is interesting how a hazard that was once a wind eroded depression created and used by sheep grazing on the old courses became this! The cost of maintaining our bunkers, far exceed the cost of maintaining our greens. Bunkers have evolved into highly manicured hazard with sharp edges and fluffy (but not too fluffy) sand. I wish I had a sand pit suitable for bunker sand, because it is "gold" delivered in a dump truck.
Highly manicured turf... yes, but hazards... I am not sure...